William Heath Robinson

One of the most well known artists who once lived in Surrey was William Heath Robinson. He lived in Cranleigh from 1918-1929 and his children were educated at local schools. He is best known for his book illustrations and quirky cartoons but only one postcard by him seems to have been published (see picture). Unless anyone knows differently of course

W Reginald Bray

Another rather eccentric character who has left his mark on the postcard hobby is W Reginald Bray. He lived in South East London but enjoyed cycling into the Kent and Surrey countryside and whilst there purchasing postcards of local buildings. Later he sent these to possible owners with a request to provide information and return. In this way he built up a collection of thousands of cards which do sometimes find there way on to the market. One of these is shown below.

For a comprehensive review and account of Bray's activities read The Englishman who Posted Himself by John Tingey